Monday, January 21, 2008

Day Three - Always an Adventure!

After feeding the babies in the morning, we headed out in search of a cheap breakfast for me. Wise to the ways of cheap breakfasts, we vowed not to order anything else off the menu for fear of an enormous bill.

We found a new place with $2.99 breakfasts that was upstairs but had an elevator, waited in a long line to get in, and then ordered. We proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait. We must have been there for 40 minutes waiting - or at least it felt like it as the babies' began to lose their patience.

Once babies hit their limits, mommies go into Emergency Baby Mood Rescue Mode. We begin to do anything we can to distract them until we sense it is no longer working. Then we go for Desperate Mommy Measures. The main one: Change Environments Immediately.

"We have to leave," I told B. and she agreed. We looked around and didn't see our waiter so we began gathering our belongings and securing babies in strollers.

Just as we were about to leave, we saw him carrying plates. Relief. We sat back down. But the meals were for another table.

"We have to leave as soon as he's gone. And FAST." I said. The moment the waiter disappeared, we jumped up and pushed our strollers out the door, down the hall, around the corner and to the elevators. Hurry, hurry!

The elevator arrived and we rolled in, hit the button, the doors closed. Then we rolled out on the 1st floor and headed to the street.

I wasn't sure we were "safe" until we made it to the store down the block. I kept waiting for the waiter to chase us down the stairs with our plate of eggs, sausage and pancakes. Sure, I felt a tinge of guilt, but our top priority was our babies.

At the store, we discovered that the Zoo was within walking distance. It was actually right behind the park where we had sat and eaten lunch the first day. So we headed to the Zoo. On the way, we found Ruffage, the health food store listed in one of the tour books. For breakfast, I had a scoop of tuna in a cup.

The Honolulu Zoo reminded me of the zoo in Portland Oregon - a manageable size for a half day excursion. The babies were thrilled with the bird, then even more thrilled by the monkeys and lemurs. NG tossed her sippy cup into the monkey water but luckily I had a 2nd one available.

We had Ceasar salads for lunch as roaming pigeons and peacocks kept the babies entertained. Then we hit the Kiddie zoo where the girls got up close and personal with goats.

Before we could reach the African Savannah exhibit, they were fast asleep. I rested briefly on a park bench under a tree with my purse under my head and hand on NGs stroller.

While the girls were still sleeping, the mommies made a beeline for the Banyan Bar for another delicious pina colada. When the babies woke up, we treated them to a Tropical Breeze - a non-alcoholic drink made of guava, strawberry, pineapple, papaya and coconut cream. GG sipped hers from a straw but NG proceeded to dump half her drink down her dress. Sticky baby's first cocktail.

Back at the hotel, we took turns showering and bathing our babies. Dinner was leftover burritos from the Mexican dinner the night before. NG hadn't napped long enough so began to get a little crazy, throwing and breaking a hotel plate and refusing to eat.

Eventually she calmed down and snacked on fruit and cheese. Then both girls sat in front of my computer and watched a few Elmo DVDs, singing and dancing along to the music one.

B. and I tried watching a little television to see if the girls would get sleepy. NG was getting crazy again so B. and GG went back to their room and I proceeded to pull out all the stops to get NG to sleep. Finally, she laid her head down on the bed and was out like a light. I fell asleep immediately beside her.

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