Friday, January 18, 2008

The Flight to Hawai'i

B. thought the flight would be 7 hours so I had psyched myself up for 7 hours of toddler tantrums. When I found out at the airport that the flight would be 5 and a half hours, I sighed with relief. I could do 5 hours in a plane with a toddler, right?

The plan was that B. and I would sit next to one another so our babies - GG & NG - could keep one another entertained while we chatted and took turns helping each other when we needed a break. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans.

Turns out airlines don't allow two lap babies on the same row (unless there is an empty seat between them) because there wouldn't be enough oxygen masks. So we were seated 2 rows apart at the window seat - another airline rule - lap babies are automatically placed at window seats which makes no sense to me because we'd end up disturbing everyone in the row all the time to change the baby's diaper or give her a change of scenery.

NG and I lucked out with an empty seat next to me, however, the man in our row was across from his family so wasn't going to trade seats with B. I was pretty much on my own, but NG had her own seat which was much better for a baby who hates (and I mean hates) to sit on my lap for more than 30 seconds.

The best parts of the flight for me:

1. NG was entertained temporarily by each distraction item I brought along including"
- 5 new books,
- new sheets of stickers,
- an Elmo DVD playing on my laptop
- several more Elmo videos I downloaded from iTunes
- snacks
- crayons and a coloring book
- the kids across the row who took turns sitting in their dad's seat to play with Noa
- the woman behind us who had a load of toddler entertainment ideas up her sleeve as she proceeded to get totally drunk on the flight

The worst parts of the flight:
I can't really think of anything. It was tough, it was tiring, but it wasn't unbearable.

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